About us


Elesco Norway was established as Servicekjeden Norway BA in 1995. A group of leading workshops found the time ripe to assemble a nationwide chain of workshops.  We became a member of Elesco Europe in December 2004. In order to display our cooperation and emerge with a common profile we  decided to change its name to Elesco Norwayin April 2005. Our headquarters is located at Skytta Industrial between Oslo and Gardermoen. The Office Address is Brennaveien 4, 1481 Hagan. About. 20 minutes from Oslo S and Oslo Airport Gardermoen.
28 workshops located throughout Norway are our current membership. A number of these members emerge as service partners / specialists on brands from leading suppliers and manufacturers. We also have workshops with special expertise in digital video cameras, digital photography and mobile phones. An increasing number of workshops, 26 pr. in January 2016, also takes care of kitchen/home appliances. In addition, we use about 30 external workshops to take care of service in areas where we are not represented ourselves. Our goal is to emerge as a complete supplier of services with coverage all throughout Norway.
High quality work, close proximity to customers, local expertise and customer satisfaction is our highest goals. We place strict demands on operations, solidity, and following industry regulations and orders from the central authorities. Today's complex products require that these demands be met by personnel with high expertise. This is very important for the correct diagnostics and thus ensure service with high quality.
Elesco Europe has established service networks in 20 European countries. We saw the need for cooperation beyond the borders at an early stage, and this international community will enable us to make service appointments both at Nordic and European level. MAB, which is the leading workshop software used by all our members. We can offer common electronic reporting of all known file formats, statistics etc. to our clients. Our workshop software also sends out automatic SMS notifications and updated statuses via e-mail. In addition, end users, retailers and suppliers / producers get access to current statuses of submitted products over the Internet.
No matter where you purchased your product you are welcome to us and we will help you! Take advantage of our comprehensive service network both in Norway and the rest of Europe. Detailed information on all our service points can be found on the member section. You can also orientate geographically by clicking on the map markers on our frontpage.
815 09 990 is open Monday to Friday from 07.30 to 16.30. We will answer your questions without the use of answering machines and complicated menus. Our switchboard is always served by people who can provide the information you need. We welcome Elesco Norway AS and is looking forward to help width whatever type of service you need!